I feel like I should post this after my depressing update from yesturday. E.L.F and Clouds…please don’t be sad anymore about Yesung enlisting. I know that I still feel a little upset when I think about it and I can’t stop myself from feeling that I don’t want him to go. When I listen to his voice or see his face, I feel like crying…but I know I can’t cry anymore over this. I don’t want to say this is pathetic because we don’t know him in person and he doesn’t know us because in a way it’s not true, since he knows that we are E.L.F and we know that he is our crazy turtle. Yes, we don’t see him when there’s no cameras, but we see him enough to say that we are extremely sad to see him go. Now, please don’t cry anymore. It just makes me even more upset when I see and read about how you all are crying and unable to be happy because of his leaving. He will be back in 2 years. We waited all those years to discover them and become E.L.F didn’t we? We waited the 4 years for Kangin. We’ve been through Kibum and Hankyung leaving. We’ve seen Leeteuk leave and it’s already been almost half a year since then. Also, Heechul will be returning this year! It seems like he only left a few months ago! Time will fly…just like how it was for the other members and how it will be for the members after them. We have surpassed so many hardships and trying times that we can do anything now! So, again, please be happy and smile! They are our Superman and we are E.L.F! Nothing can interfere and nothing can end our love. Remember our Leader Teuk; “We are going to continue until the day that Pearl Sapphire Blue balloons cover the entire world.” and “Even after 10 years, Super Junior and E.L.F. Even after 20 years, Super Junior and E.L.F…ARE FOREVER ONE!” :)
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[Fanart] Super Show 6 Coloured Crayons of the members [c]
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Sapphire Blue people, Are you ready?
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